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New Music Alert: “No Going Back” by Ghosts of Social Networks

“No Going Back” by Ghosts of Social Networks

Ghosts of Social Networks from Manchester, England not only have a unique and catchy name but bring to the world something refreshing and extremely amazing with their music. They deliver a sound that feels everlasting as it mixes some 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond in the flow of  “No going back”. Plus the theatrical aspect of the track is something truly mesmerizing – with the music video we are pulled to our seats as we are simply watching as the two characters of this soundscape let emotions and feelings take over as the lyrics guide them in their actions and reactions throughout this ride. In the video we are taken down memory lane of this couple and we see the good moments and the band and lastly the breaking point. In the end we hope they are able to find a way back to each other but the answer is written in stone and you already know it.

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