Featured Music Video: “Heart in the States (B Side)” by Lauren Ruth Ward

“Heart in the States (B Side)” by Lauren Ruth Ward

With a music video that has the one and only protagonist in the talented and beautiful Lauren Ruth Ward – she delivers something so special, so unique and truly beyond the scope of the word amazing. With “Heart in the states (B side)” she embraces her powerful voice and let’s the blues that dwells within her hold hands with her indie rock charm and the result as I said is beyond amazing. Lauren keeps on showing us and the world that she is more than talented enough to fill up any venue, as she continues to do so in Los Angeles (one of the most important musical hubs in the country and the world). With her petite frame and her hypnotizing green eyes she shatters into pieces any wrong ideas you might get for she is more than beauty, she is power, talent and charm and world rejoice for the one, the only Lauren Ruth Ward has arrived and she is taking names and kicking ass.

Heart in the States (B side) is a sonic evolution from the original, which was recorded for the LRW EP. The lyrics depict the degeneration of a lovers obsession. Beginning lines describe deep longing and the sentimental attachment to a materialistic dress. Towards the end of the song, self-awareness of that obsession leads to empowerment. Lauren Ruth Ward

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