Music Video Recommendation: “World’s on fire” by Lots Holloway

I wrote it back in the summer of 2016 when a lot of strange and sad things were happening,Brexit, the Orlando shooting, the Bastille Day attack, the US presidential battle, the refugee crisis and the on going war in Syria, to name just a few. The song wasn’t inspired by any particular event, but more the amalgamation of them as a whole, it’s an observation of the world in which we’ve found ourselves. Lots Holloway

“World’s on fire” by Lots Holloway

Provocative and honest track that is showcased to perfection with the imagery of the music video. The young and talented Lots Holloway allows us to not only see the power in her voice but the maturity and beauty of her lyrics with “World’s on fire”. We are left speechless by her composure and how she allows her voice  to take her verses and connect with our feelings, our fears and emotions with such ease. With a frequent sense of doom looming around the globe nowadays, it is strangely empowering and inspiring to hear this talented artist speak of this and invite us to not just sit still but to do something about it. For if the world’s on fire …we are all in trouble because we all living in it and sometimes we seem to forget about that.

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