Listen: “End of time” by Army of Bones

“End of time” by Army of Bones

Army of Bones is one of the best dressed and talented acts in the indie rock scene from the UK that always manages to reach a worldwide audience. With their latest track, “End of Time”, they continue with their dark to light experience but this time it can be left to the interpretation of the listener. We wonder who that person that “you” would follow to the end of time is and why can’t you follow her/him – is it heartbreak that separated you, was it distance or was it something that no matter how much you wish to change it never would like the sadness of death. Even through the strange feeling of melancholy that flows through the melodies we feel a certain hint of hope that maybe just maybe it can all go back to how it was at the beginning or maybe one day when time ends and the world stops you’ll be together once again.

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