Listen: “All things aren’t forgiven” by Lanes

“All things aren’t forgiven” by Lanes

One of the best tracks I’ve heard this year, it is pure electrifying energy served through perfectly set indie pop/rock melodies with a touch of R&B and a magnetic lead singer who has a touch for ensuring emotions and feelings connect with the listener. With “All things aren’t forgiven” this talented four piece from Atlanta is able to captivate anyone who listens for the track has that special “it” factor that could potentially turn it into a hit in my opinion. As they mention below it takes a few listens to grasp the verses within this enticing soundscape but even if you never do you’ll fall in love with it and become an immediate fan of Lanes

All Things Aren’t Forgiven” is a song born from frustration and infatuation, definitely. It’s about being with fed up with situations you can’t control, and trying to control them, even when you know you can’t. It’s our best effort so far I think, and certainly our most complex concept. Musically and lyrically it kind of takes a few listens to fully grasp what’s going on, but we like it that way.

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