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Valentine’s Day Mixtape

*KOALA courtesy of FRND

Artist: Smoke Season

Song: Hello

Why? Smoke Season + Lionel Richie = One amazing cover of “Hello” that empowers women in a way that showcases their talent, grace, beauty and their inherent capacity to amaze the world. With Gabrielle Wortman delivering her mesmerizing vocals, talented actress Megan Duffy directing the story, Zoe Zhou providing the styling for the video and Mynxii White providing the hair and makeup styling for the music video.

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Artist: FRND

Song: Substitute

Why? Not everything is about unrequited love in Valentine’s Day, sometime you want that but end up finding out you are just on the sidelines and somebody whispers in your ear: “Maybe next year champ”. The mysterious FRND gives the world a track for those in the friend zone, side-lover zone or simply in the hopeful zone and tells them to love themselves first and cut the garbage of not being the one, because there’s one out there looking for you, so stop wasting your time.

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Artist: Magique

Song: Real Love

Why? Magique delivers an amazing indie pop track that inspires the listeners and fills them up with optimism and hopeful thoughts reminding them that real love is out there for all of us, it’s just waiting for us to truly look in the right places in order to show itself. If you have this love you should hold it dearly and if you don’t, don’t worry it is coming.

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Artist: Tyler Shamy

Song: Button on your jeans

Why? Picture yourself coming to the realization that your best friend is the one person you want to hold tight, kiss and love right. You know this is a minefield and you want to know what to do but all you truly do is imagine yourself being the button in her/his jeans and from there moving to the rest of her/his body and wanting to be more than just the best friend who listens and speaks. Will you take the leap or just stand there looking out into the unknown and do nothing?

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Artist: Santiago Canizales

Song: Azul

Why? Is it too late or maybe just the right time to come back and hold tight? Santiago brings us a beautiful pop ballad that speaks from the heart as it has learned from the mistake of letting go of the one whose smile gave color to your life and made the skies shine blue up high. He speaks of the mistake of immaturity and the pain of growing up and realizing your mistake, but he does in a way that we root for him to win her back.

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Artist: Year of the Brother

Song: Heart Work

Why? A beautiful indie pop gem that hits you right in the heart and soul with emotions and feelings that pour out after listening to it. Year of the brother starts the year right with this wonderful track and this wolf thinks their name might be sending us a message for 2017 because they have talent and potential to fill up some of the greatest venues in the globe.

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Artist: Hugh

Song: This is how it starts

Why? A glance at a stranger, an infectious laughter from another table, a party you decided to go to in the last second : these are all possible scenarios of how love can start and they are the inspiration of this beautiful track that does not speak of the journey of the first moment that fate or something divine decided you were ready for love. Josh and Izzy’s voice are perfection traveling through electronica, r&b and light touches of pop in this magnificent soundscape.

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Artist: Julices Grant

Song: I’ll be alright

Why? Beautiful and uplifting track filled with hope and positivism that works perfectly as a nice pick me up for those who aren’t in a relationship today. Julices invites the listeners to remember that they’ll be alright no matter what punches life throws their way and that love will come down the road. Be ready, be happy and smile for life is just one and there’s no room for sad faces.

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Artist: Nathan Ball

Song: Cold Hands

Why? A beautiful and inviting track that leave itself open to the interpretation of it, it could be speaking of love, friendship or simply letting of fears and insecurities. Nathan encompasses what I hope to see in an up and coming singer/songwriter, he delivers mature verses with a true passion for his craft that clicks with the listeners on a deeper level.

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