Indie Music Mixtape 5

Indie Music Mixtape 5

Artist: Serafyn

Song: Morning Tea

Why? Mesmerizing and ethereal folk pop soundscape that transports the listener to a world where reality and fiction unite in a beautiful fashion making up for a track that is simply astounding in the way it handles itself and how it captivates the listener with it’s uniqueness and originality. This talented Basel-based (Switzerland) band give us the right touch of sounds and verses that our senses desire.

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Artist: Mama Ghost

Song: Back to life

Why? Beautiful and enigmatic folk inspired track that showcases the vocals of this talented singer/songwriter from Ireland and now based in Los Angeles, California. “Back to life” does exactly that, it brings you back from the nonsense of all the noise and gives you a nice dose of beautiful storytelling that compels through charming romanticism.

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Artist: WILD

Song: Hold us together

Why? A perfect union folk storytelling and charm with pop attractive and inviting tunes showcased to the world through harmonies and enchanting verses that speak from their hearts to ours. This talented trio delivers something refreshing and so pure as voices and instruments blend together creating a soundscape that softly graces your face as it takes form.

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Artist: Phil Good

Song: Growing Up

Why? A favorite of Wolf in a Suit and a truly talented singer/songwriter who creates unique electropop/rock melodies that speak to us through relatable lyrics and tunes. With his latest gem he speaks of moving on and growing up after the hits and misses that come with growth and that evoke maturity in us as people, lovers, friends and more.

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Artist: Emily Mc Cormick

Song: Spellbinding

Why? Hypnotizing and alluring soul/jazz/folk hybrid from another talented Irish singer/songwriter that is ready to grab the world and shake it into consciousness with music that is meant to be heard, loved and enjoyed for it unites the purity of it with a sense of innovation that is rarely heard nowadays. Emily Mc Cormick thank you for the magic of your voice and your lyrics.

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Artist: The Ready Set & Call me Karizma

Song: Cotton Candy

Why? Fun, playful and unique track that unites two indie powerhouses in a must listen track of electropop perfection. The Ready Set creates the perfect soundscape for Call me Karizma to deliver his pop perfect vocals (accompanied by his). With lyrics that evoke of the good and the bad of a relationship through relaxing and inviting verses and tunes. With “Cotton Candy” they give us one of the best collaborations so far.

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Artist: \’mēk\

Song: Here we are

Why? This talented band with a unique name bring a music video that through a simple and direct approach focuses on what matters most about it, the music itself. They showcase the emotions, the feelings and the spirit of “Here we are” with their playing and a bit of camera work that plays with our eyes and senses bringing something new and refreshing to the music scene.

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Artist: Kae Sun

Song: Flip the Rules

Why? Electropop gem with r&b undertones and splashes of funk that allows this talented singer/songwriter from Ghana to mesmerize the listeners with great music. With his unique blend of sounds he gives the world a refreshing anthem to love and the magic of the unknown behind it. He embrace the one true thing of love, that there are no rules about it.

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Artist: Spirit Twin

Song: Ferris Wheel

Why? Wonderful union of music and visuals that allows modern dance to represent the feelings and emotions behind the soundscape to this incredible track. This talented duo from New York capture the attention of the listener immediately with their electropop tunes and the way their voices give each other room to shine and captivate while their verses connect with us. 

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