New Music Alert: “The Astronaut” by Vian Izak

“The Astronaut” by Vian Izak

Vian and Hein are back with their trusty I (Intelligence System | DJ) within the orbit of Wolf in a Suit and what they are bringing with them are sounds that feel a lot like amazing stuff. With their latest track, “The Astronaut”, we continue on this trip that unites music and art as it gives us a full experience for our senses. And as always they manage to speak of mature topics through an inviting fashion that embraces the listener while it touches the frailty of their human nature. In this track they speak of how it would feel to be alone, to be the last one and to have no control of what is happening; truly listen and put yourself in the shoes of this astronaut as he looks from up above in the vast beauty of space as the world gives a final goodbye. While a tear might drop down your cheek as you picture this sad end, look past the sadness of this imagery and actually learn from it and aim at living your life to its fullest and make a difference in someones life, make a difference in this world we have and make sure it is something good because not everything counts (specially if your mark is pain and hurt). So please enjoy this marvelous soundscape and take the melodies and the verses with the lesson that is hidden.

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