Featured Music Video: “BDY” BY Stalgia

“BDY” BY Stalgia

Stalgia delivers a seductive, enticing, beautiful and perfect union of electronica and pop making up one of the best soundscapes heard thus far. Through sounds, verses and images this talented duo from Los Angeles take us for a ride down the highway of “BDY” and it is just amazing. Plus not only is the music amazing but the music video is as perfect as the soundscape becomes corporeal through colors, water and a showcase of actions and emotions that reach the modern listeners and connects with their stories of their adventures and misadventures in love and life.  This talented duo have created a track that has the potential to become an anthem to the modern youth and to the magic and mystery of life when you are young and a bit reckless.

The rhythms of my body feed off you

With every look you give, my rain keeps falling down

(The drinks we drank tonight are callin’ callin’ too)

Breaking rules of the loving kind

chorus 'BDY'

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