Music Video Recommendation: “No Sleep” by Snow Culture

“No Sleep” by Snow Culture

Dark, honest, gritty indie pop from Sweden that showcases the musical evolution that is happening in the music scene in the Scandinavian countries. With a touch of drama and a unique blend of pop and alternative sounds specially created by them, Snow Culture serves truthful lyrics that speak from the heart and soul of what the world is showing. They give music from human side of life that not only speaks to others but to society as a whole inviting a good look into our mistakes and the path taken nowadays. Plus the camera work and the shots shown work so well with the soundscape of the track, the images go hand in hand with the melodies making “No Sleep” a feast for the senses and an invitation to think. With this brilliant showcase of talent they show the world why they are the latest act signed to Neon Gold Records (Charli XCX, Haim, Christine and the Queens, Marina & The Diamonds and many more amazing acts).

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