Music Video Recommendation: “Injustice” by Joe Wilkinson

“Injustice” by Joe Wilkinson

The talented Joe Wilkinson delivers another unique showcase of his talent not only as a songwriter but as a storyteller. Through exquisite melodramatic touches, he allows “Injustice” to flow from the limitations of music and become a story that takes form thanks to great acting and masterful camera work. Plus the way he simply lets the verses flow with the magic of his unique voice is truly astounding. This amazing track grabs our senses and invites us to truly open our eyes for we know of the injustice in the world (as he mentions in the song) but few do anything. We are too busy aiming at obtaining more material things when we should be working side by side with our brothers and sisters and ensuring that the injustice that feels as part of the normal disappears some day. Provocative, uplifting and an eyeopener that is well put together and a true must listen of modern music.

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