Listen: “Stranger” by ClayPark

“Stranger” by ClayPark

From the very first track I heard of this talented duo I just knew there was something special here. It’s not only the vocals that are so unlike anything heard before or the feelings it can showcase but also the union of genres and sounds create a soundscape that is so theirs and so inviting and just right to create a proper story within the track. With “Stranger” the guys speak of letting go, a broken heart and how someone can become a stranger even if it’s truly painful to push for this but it is necessary at times in order to move forward and grow. ClayPark is an alternative pop/rock duo whose name will be known by all in my opinion, the reason being that they speak from the heart and let their lyrics speak of experiences that we can all relate. But the true beauty of their music lies in how they connect every single aspect of their talent creating a sound that can be branded theirs. Enjoy this amazing track and become a fan of this talented pair just like I have.

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