New Music Alert: “In the night” by Mouth Sounds

“In the night” by Mouth Sounds

new music alert-mouth sounds-in the night by mouth sounds-indie music-indie rock-indie pop-music blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitPerfectly executed indie pop gem with electronic and rock undertones that flow so well through the airwaves as the verses turn them into their homes. With “In the night” the talented Mouth Sounds gives us an upbeat and energetic soundscape that through fun and games showcases a songwriting capacity above the rest. Through perfect use of metaphors, similes and even philosophical themes he invites the listener to truly listen and explore the track as it engulfs them and becomes part of them in the process. Plus he ensures perfect hooks that are bound to capture the attention of the senses and the mind, for music truly flows through his veins and that is a sight to behold. This has got to be one of the best music discoveries I have had the pleasure of sharing and listening to. Please listen, enjoy and follow Mouth Sounds.

That naughty Mona Lisa.

She’s always following me with her eyes

It’s ‘cuz I know her secret.

She’s just a painting by a dead guy

Who’s only human on the inside.

He knows nobody’s waiting in the sky

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