Indie Rock Mixtape 12

Indie Rock Mixtape 12

Artist: The Pale White

Song: Reaction

Why? Up and coming indie rock trio from Newcastle that delivers a unique and powerful blend of old school rock, passionate blues and vocals that are bound to transport you into a different world. With their debut single “Reaction” they get a positive reaction from this wolf as I feel this track is one of the best first singles I’ve heard in a while.

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Artist: Benchmarks

Song: Frames

Why? As always Nashville delivers music that is so worth a good listen. With their lead single “Frames” they assure us that their latest album, ‘Our Undivided Attention’, is a beauty. Because they are kicking off the soundscape of the album with a track that is all indie rock with the right moments of punk rock that I particularly love and enjoy so much.

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Artist: Shuffle Baby

Song: Slick Trigger Finger

Why? Norwegian indie rock that will give you that right spark to start your day right. “Slick trigger finger” showcases a perfect union of rock and blues with a dash of funk that gives it that extra push to stand out from the crowd.  This talented band follows the tradition of talented and passionate Scandinavian rock bands to perfection.

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Artist: Spencer Anthony

Song: Monsters 

Why? “Monsters” is a pop/rock gem from young and talented singer/songwriter Spencer Anthony from Ohio and currently based in Los Angeles, California. This track is so good in uniting the genres and adding a little bit of punk into the mix allowing his voice to flow with his in a perfect home for him. The lyrics showcase a maturity beyond his young age and the way the track ends is perfection as it allows us to experience the purity in his vocals in an acoustic setting.

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Artist: Codename Aquarius

Song: Sell

Why? Codename Aquarius should be called Codename awesome because their music is so refreshing, electrifying and simply so inviting and enticing. The way the verses flow through the energy-filled soundscape is mesmerizing and continues to show why the UK is the place to go for indie rock music that delivers. With “Sell” they set a special place within my personal indie music radar. Listen and enjoy!

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Artist: The Wild Young Hearts

Song: My Oldest Friend

Why? Such an splendid showcase of music, lyrics and craft is delivered with “My oldest friend” by The wild young hearts. This talented band borrows the grunge spirit of the 90’s and gives it a modern twist with lyrics that engulf us in a world that we are familiar with as we struggle with the angel on one should and the devil on the other.

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Artist: Several Prizes

Song: Dark Blue

Why? One of the best tracks musically and lyrically, the passion that Spanish band Several Prizes put into their craft is simply something to look forward. The way it keeps an indie rock vibe while also bringing other sounds into the table is executed to perfection. Plus the music video is really well done and the camera work and acting flow so well with the landscape that makes us the gem that is “Dark Blue”.

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Artist: Vini Vicious

Song: Potion

Why? Powerful and passionate indie rock from Tel Aviv that with the assistance of some 80’s undertones creates an inviting and fulfilling soundscape that shows off the full scope of talent of the band. With “Potion” as their first single of 2017 they allow music listeners and lovers to get a true feel of the sounds they are bringing and I am excited for the future of this band because of that.

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Artist: We are Bandicoot

Song: Rodeo

Why? Refreshing and unique indie rock sounds that borrows from the reggae genre creating a soundscape that stands out from the crowd. We are Bandicoot gives us a blend of the chill and openness of reggae while keeping the rebellion and energy of rock creating a sound that is strangely so perfectly unison and appealing to the senses.

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