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Music Video Recommendation: “I Know” by Cortel

“I Know” by Cortel

There’s something strangely soothing and mesmerizing about how this unique union of sounds flow with a haunting ease through the airwaves captivating us fully and ensuring we fall completely hypnotized to it. This talented Russian trio manage to unite masterful drum beats by Alexander, electronic tunes of Dmitriy and Sergio’s haunting vocals creating a track that stands out of the rest as it unites rock, pop and electronica into one. “I know” is that track fills me with energy while ensuring an inner peace in my soul, it sounds strange and might seem like a contradiction but trust me it happens and if you don’t believe me just listen. Enjoy the beats, the tunes and the haunting plethora of sounds of Cortel and make sure you add them to your playlists.

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