Listen: “Death of a Dandy” by Bamboo Dolls

“Death of a Dandy” by Bamboo Dolls

A nice blend of passion, energy and a certain old school magnetic charm that gives this already great track an edge ahead of the rest. They possess a sound that captured my attention from the very first second, I even told the band that they might have become my new favorite band (true story, they can attest to this). They balance out the rebellious and energetic nature of the fuzzy guitars that is perfectly accompanied by the rest of the instruments creating the perfect home for that rock-perfect voice to excel. Bamboo Dolls not only have a catchy name that is easy to remember but they also have a talent and a passion for this path they’ve chosen. I honestly believe that if they continue working on their craft in the same way they have worked on “Death of a Dandy” and “Fireflies” their name will soon be known by all and the large venues will become their homes pretty soon.

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