Playlist: Soundcloud Discoveries Part XXI

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  • Another Language: Unique indie rock with a light funky dose that is refreshing to hear while male and female vocals unite.
  • Alxxa: Powerful electropop beats and tunes that drop in the right moments allowing Alxxa to showcase the pure beauty and essence of her lyrics.
  • Ghasemi: Electronic masterpiece that becomes home of relatable and playful lyrics that become part of the soundscape through truly strong pop vocals.
  • Dan York , Axii & Z3N: Perfectly executed take on Kehlani’s “Gangsta” from the Suicide Squad soundtrack that allows her vocals to hypnotize while the beats mesmerize.
  • The Fuze: Interesting and a nice step out of the norm in the form of an old school vibe, modern lyrics and everlasting vocals.
  • Aaron Taos: Talented singer/songwriter with unique tunes that evoke an experience and thought that we can easily connect with. 
  • Samuel Jack: Mesmerizing vocals that flow like silk through each sound ensuring the story within the verses to transcend the limitations of music.
  • Bright Sparks: Beautiful and modern union of male and female vocals blended with enticing electropop melodies. 
  • Shunya: Truly surreal and ethereal union of sounds and vocals that flow in a magnetic manner through the unique and inviting soundscape.
  • Elena Sandell: Refreshing young singer/songwriter that is sure to bring something new to the music scene with her natural talent and passion for music.