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This song is about relationships and their struggles with cheating and loyalty.


“Promiscuous Mortality” by Blank Space

First track by a young up and coming band from Corona, California that is sure to become a household name in the future. With a unique union of sounds that are beautifully rock but possess a certain pop charm that allows the voice to flow softly and with a certain ethereal aura connecting the verses with our human condition. “Promiscuous Mortality” whispers something so true, so real and simply so magical to our ears and solidifies Blank Space as a name that is sure to create more must listen tracks in the near and far away future. This wolf is honored to be premiering a track so refreshing, so powerful and simply so awe inspiring and to know that it’s the first single of a new talents is so fulfilling. Please enjoy the indie rock vibes of this new band and connect with the soundscape created by the sounds and their mature verses. 

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