Interview with Diva Faune from France

Diva Faune

This talented duo clicked with me from the beginning and I just knew that it was more than a wolf/band relationship, they are great people and they deserve their new found success because the music they make it’s just so good and simply amazing. Yogan and Jeremy are truly what music is about, they work and improve on each other creating melodies that mix the folk storytelling, pop feelings and some light electronic beats that connects everything so well. But enough of my blabbing, read on  and listen on as you get to know Diva Faune a little more.

What’s the story behind the name of the band?

Yogan : Faune, which in english is Fauna, is our personal way to say
“humans”. With “Diva”, it takes different facets, from the divine to
the temperamental. A way to say that we are all multiples.

How did you decide to make music together?

Yogan : I had new songs of mine that I showed to Jeremy, and we
started to rearrange them. Jeremy bathes in electronic music. This new
approach pleased us very much !

Jeremy : It’s been quite an instant feeling that we should start
something together.

A favorite story as Diva Faune ?

Jérémy : Hard to choose one, but I would say our first gig at the Bus
Palladium in Paris ! It was the first time I heard people in the
audience singing our songs while we were playing them, such a great
souvenir to take away.

Yogan : For me, it was this summer, chill holidays at my parent’s
house in a little town near Paris, when the boss of the local festival
knocked on the door to ask at the last minute if Diva Faune could
perform, I was in bed! I called Jeremy, who was at home in another
part of France, to come to Paris. We had sound check only a few hours
later ?

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How do you get inspired for a new track?

Yogan : I hear melodies in my head, this happens mostly in my dreams,
drowsiness, or other moments during which I’m actually not looking for
melodies. Then, I propose a demo of the track with vocals plus guitar
and some other elements to Jeremy. He continues producing the track
as I’m writing the lyrics.

Jérémy : Then we go through the final adjustments, we play it live,
tweak it a bit and it’s done !

2016, favorite moment?

Yogan : For me, the best day of 2016 together was when we did the
music video for our new song Shine On My Way and the following
evening. From our arrival in the morning till the night at the hotel,
it was a lot of fun.

Jérémy : Same for me ! Wonderful time ?

Expectations and plans for 2017?

Yogan : All the best for our upcoming EP! We’ll be performing at
Maroquinerie (Paris) in April. But before that we’ll open for two
artists we love, Broken back and Max Jury! In 2017, We hope to have
more and more, larger and larger concerts, in countries further and
further away ?

Jérémy : To keep pushing Diva Faune as far as we can ! Now we have an
incredible team with us and they are helping us, everyday is a magical
day and we want 2017 to be like this the whole time.

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