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[su_quote]I wrote this song while i was micro-dosing with mushrooms. When you micro-dose it’s supposed to be imperceptible, kind of just lift your mood a little, but I’m really sensitive and I was having some visions. I went for a walk and it felt like the plants and moon were communicating with me. This song just came pouring into my head. It’s about that beautiful, scary feeling of loving someone so much that you want to possess them and just allowing that madness to consume you for a bit.[/su_quote]

“You belong to me” by CAT

new music alert-you belong to me by cat-cat-cat pierce-indie music-indie pop-music blog-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitAs always CAT Pierce delivers music that clicks with something within the human soul, she evokes experiences and feelings through masterful verses that are always so uniquely inspired. With “You belong to me” she reaches within herself and allows her old soul to transcend it’s confinement and show itself in her vocals, her lyrics and the melodies that make up her soundscape. She embraces love in her own personal fashion and we simply feel the track and connect with her as we have also fallen prey to this feeling and now …to her hypnotic voice. This talented singer/songwriter gives us a track that could easily become the best track of the year, and the beauty of it is that it’s only her first release as a solo artist. You might have been introduced to her as a member of The Pierces, but now you’ll fall in love with her talent as an artist on her own and it truly is something magical to look forward.

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