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Featured Music Video: “Letter” by Mother Mother

Letter is about unhealthy nostalgia – where one romanticizes the past and tradition to the point of creating friction with the present. I was doing that a lot at that time, living less in the skin of my life and more in the corpse of the glory days, but by writing about it I found a way to engage with the “now” while also creating something that will live on into the future.

singer/guitarist: Ryan Guldemond

“Letter” by Mother Mother

As always this talented Canadian band delivers melodies, verses and a magnificent showcase of emotions that give the listener the feeling of discovering some new masterpiece. In this calm and inspiring studio session the band delivers “Letter” in a way that always connects in a more human fashion with the listeners, a stripped down version that showcases the purity and beauty of the lyrics and allows for the instruments to truly let the world listen to the voice and the harmonies that backed it up. Plus it’s incredible how they connect with the pain of life and how we are always looking behind us, at what was and could have been instead of living the today and enjoying the now. As Ryan frees himself and the band from the chain of yesterday,with an ethereal and mesmerizing manner he allows us to let go and to be able to move on and truly grow. 

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