Indie Pop Mixtape 13

Indie Pop Mixtape 13

Artist: Salt Ashes

Song: Save It

Why? Beautiful and simply magnificent union of sounds, talent, verses and passion. “Save it” might not have been the track you expected, but it definitely is the track your senses needed. It was love at first listen as I could not stop my body from wanting and needing to dance to the rhythm of this amazing soundscape and my body continued to feel the need of this verses even after the song was over. Amazing!

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Artist: B.O.X.E.R.

Song: Opium

Why? Talented indie electro/Pop band from Germany that provides this mixtape with a powerful and mesmerizing track that is sure to fill you with a beautiful of magic and energy that will surge through your body revitalizing it. So easy to enjoy and to connect, through well written verses, amazing hooks and sounds and a voice that touches the ethereal and unreal in such a beautiful way.

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Artist: 3D Friends

Song: Seventeen

Why? An amazing union of pop, rock, old school vibes and modern day feelings. Truly enjoyable and relatable for anyone who listens. The way the tracks blurs the lines between genres and eras is so well executed that it truly creates a track that can stand on it’s own and give the world a new and refreshing soundscape to enjoy. Must listen and make sure to add to your playlists.

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Artist: Nightcars

Song: Neon Girl

Why? Indie Pop/Rock from Spain that how to tastefully use synth pop sounds without abusing them and also creates verses that are unique and simply surreal while speaking about the reality of a situation. Nighcars has in “Neon Girl” the perfect way to introduce it’s talent and music into my personal music radar and I hope into yours as well.

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Artist: Lungley

Song: Teslas Muse

Why? Talented British duo composed of siblings Natalie and Matt that is sure to fill you up with the magic of music. It feels as if siblings nowadays are getting along a whole lot before than before and instead of conflicts they are creating amazing music. Lungley is pure electropop beauty with dark pop touches and mature unique verses that take the subjects we relate to and give them new air.

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Artist: Saturday Drive

Song: Heart Stop

Why? The track is titled “Heart Stop” and maybe your heart won’t stop but it will skip a beat or two as the pure genius of both music video and track embrace you. With magnificent camera work and directing by Sean and Ryan McIlraith (talented brothers who had a film in Cannes Film Festival in 2016) this song is bound to give you that sense of fulfillment you’ve been searching for in music.

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Artist: Healyum

Song: Three Months

Why? Modern indie pop in it’s fullest and brightest expression. Young and truly talented lead singer/songwriter Jeaná Healy delivers another must listen hit with the assistance of her talented band to follow their truly successful firs single “Fools Eyes”. It’s impossible to not be amazed by the sheer talent and value for their craft that these young talents showcase with this track and music in general.

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Artist: Ursina

Song: Question Untold

Why? Haunting and hypnotics vocals from talented Swiss Singer/songwriter Ursina. This track becomes a must listen/must have from the moment it starts as it captures the attention of your heart, soul and all your senses. With such ease her voice travels through the soundscape of “Question Untold” and turns the everyday into something beyond this realm.

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