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Music Video Recommendation: “Find your dark corner” by Prints Familiar

“Find your dark corner” by Prints Familiar

Australia raises it’s hand high enough for all to see as I ask: Where can I find some great indie rock that is unlike anything I’ve heard before? Isn’t it true? Just listen to the unique sound of “Find your dark corner” by Prints Familiar as you come out of your dark corner hypnotized by the soundscape that makes up this track. Be captivated by the truthful yet surreal visuals that give the sounds a way to fully capture the whole of our senses. This talented band embraces a certain path in music that evokes creation of a new wave of tunes, beats and lyrical combinations that is exactly what Australia and the world need. With the bass leading the way, the drums creating serious yet fun beats, a guitar that blends beautifully and playfully with the tunes and a voice that through moments touches the border between speech and singing as it hypnotizes you every second more and more. This track is truly one amazing gem of lyrical and musical prowess and I recommend it highly, please enjoy.

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