Listen: “Speak and Spell” by Glass Peaks

“Speak and Spell” by Glass Peaks

Breath in the air that surrounds you while you listen to “Speak and Spell”, isn’t it refreshing, invigorating and in a way exactly what you needed? This talented band from the UK delivers a mesmerizing alternative pop/rock sound that is a pleasure to listen. From the beginning of the track you know you are in for something different and that is exciting and strangely fulfilling. Glass Peaks embrace their uniqueness and create a soundscape that is bound to embrace you softly in it’s melodies as it creates a new world for you to live in. Truly another gem that makes it’s birth in 2017, music you are cheering me up and giving this wolf one hell of a smile. So hey you reading this, yeah you, enjoy this amazing track and make sure you add it to your personal music radar.

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All pictures by Ant Adams photography