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Listen: “Quiet” by MILCK

“Quiet” by MILCK

The talented singer/songwriter MILCK has created a track that can only be described as an anthem, as it went beyond the limitations of the airwaves and became part of a wonderful movement. This past weekend, an iconic and memorable event happened (The Women’s March) and with it people had phrases of historic women, personal quotes, fun yet serious phrases and some had lyrics from a certain track (“Quiet” by this talented and powerful goddess) and it was a beautiful showcase of the good of humanity. As men and women stood tall and strong together, they showed the world what a true peaceful march accomplishes. I was left speechless, in complete and utter awe and beautifully inspired by this event and the verses of MILCK’s latest masterpiece as it echoes in my head everyday from now on. Stay strong, speak your words and let the world hear for you are not alone wonderful queens and goddesses – this wolf and many more men will stand beside you as you shed a wonderful light into the world.

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