Indie Music Mixtape 3

Indie Music Mixtape 3

Artist: The Fame Riot

Song: Heart Stray

Why? Two talented brothers with magic and pure magnetism in their veins. Just listen to this track and it’s impossible to not be pulled to it’s electrifying soundscape. This duo plays around with sounds and mixes them up with a plethora of sounds and vocals that are chameleonic and simply hypnotic. The Fame Riot are a definite must listen and watch out world for they are going to conquer you.

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Artist: Ailbhe Reddy

Song: Relent

Why? Have you heard heard pure beauty or a song that feels as if it came from the angels themselves? That’s this beautiful track for me, it’s simply so powerful and filled with that special “IT” we search for in music, literature, art and the world that surrounds us. I am completely in love with Ailbhe’s capacity to connect heart and emotions with me, a complete stranger ( a now tamed wolf by this melodies and honest feelings).

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Artist: Eliason

Song: Heaven Knows

Why? One of the best and most honest tracks I’ve heard in a while, I applaud Eliason for giving us a powerful hook (I don’t think that you’re good for me, but then again neither is ecstasy. And right now I’m feeling way too nice to sit back and take my own advice) and verses that are easy to feel as our own. Plus in this track he opens up his heart and soul and tells us a story (truly listen and you’ll feel it and see it unfold in front of you).

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Artist: Eli Raybon

Song: Unsymmetrical

Why? Indie Pop/Rock that is so fun and playful and honestly a nice breath of fresh air. I love the way this track unfolds and engulfs me completely every time I listen to it, for it is so relaxing and real. “Unsymmetrical” showcases a masterful control of vocals by a young talent who puts out truthful verses that bounce between doubt and assurance and in the end push you to try without fear of loosing.

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Artist: Mt. Joy

Song: Sheep

Why? One of the best tracks to be heard to date, not only because of the musical perfection it is but the way it connects with a modern situation that needs to be ended. Inspired by the painful reality of racism and hate, it invites us to hold true freedom and unity. Accepting we made mistakes and the harsh reality that needs fixing does not make us week but in my opinion is what makes us great.

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Artist: Seven Day Sons

Song: War of our love

Why? Indie rock from Canada that has that special charm we only get to hear in bands from the Southern part of the U.S. Seven Day Sons bring back that love for their instruments, the lyrics and a voice that can easily put you in your place or hold you softly. Listen and dive into the “War of our love” and let go of the fear of the unknown that arises in love and be brave thanks to the soundscape of this talented band.

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Artist: DJ Craig

Song: O.B.S.E.S.S.I.O.N.

Why? Ultra talented DJ Craigs delivers amazing indie electropop tunes with his latest masterpiece. He allows his soothing vocals to mix up pop and R&B beautifully and fills it up with verses that are enticing, hypnotic and filled with a certain fire that burn bright in the night. Listen and be inspired by the beauty of its sounds and let it embrace you as it pushes you into a night that might hold something magical.

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Artist: Erick Blu

Song: Victorious

Why? Positive and uplifting electro-pop tunes created by a young singer/songwriter whose goal is to connect with those lucky enough to listen to his music. This sound is honestly refreshing and dances around a world of unique melodies and relatable verses. Must listen and recommended 100 percent.

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Artist: The Ultraverse

Song: Silent Call

Why? With an interesting formula that reminds us of the amazing duo/band Bob Moses, The Ultraverse arrives from the Netherlands with some electronic magic and a dash of indie pop sensibilities and thoughtful verses. With an inviting music video that transports us to the unknown that the night holds we are mesmerized by this wonderful dance and soothing soundscape.

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