Artist on the Rise: Ziegler Co.

Ziegler Co.

Talented alternative rock/pop band from the UK based in a city home to many talented musicians, London. With a unique blend of sounds that give way for pop and rock to collide and give us something unlike anything heard before. Ziegler Co. is one of those bands to steps out of the rules and limitations of musical genres and creates a sound so theirs and in a way so ours. We connect from the very first note with the soundscapes they invite us into and we are hooked by their melodies. They are unafraid and a mix of rebellious and pious that united with that aura that a few chosen have makes for a band that is magnetic and hypnotic. Currently the band is working their first LP and I am excited and so should you, just image it – a plethora of sounds, verses and emotions making music that is worth a damn and more than a few listens.

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