Indie Pop Mixtape 12

Indie Pop Mixtape 12

Artist: The Beach

Song: Bite my Tongue

Why? An amazing track that makes you thankful for a new year full of wonderful new music. The way it blends electronic tunes and pop melodies with verses that are seldom sung gives it that touch of fresh air that you want to find. “Bite my tongue” is about regret and being late-regret of saying or doing something and find out that the pain has settled and it’s too late to take it back and say sorry. We have all had this experience, this feeling and this song showcases that.

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Artist: Lee Eller

Song: Blood Bath

Why? Mature and truthful indie pop that shows a blend of dark and light tones as it aspires and successfully creates a soundscape that is everlasting and memorable. Young talented singer/songwriter Lee Eller showcases a fierce spirit that is untamable and marvelous to hear as it gives way for her old soul to hypnotize with her voice.

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Artist: Kevin Chambers

Song: Underground

Why? Meaningful verses that through loving words hides a story within it’s soundscape that is as old as life itself. An invitation to let go of rules, words and limitations that through music become part of the emotions that love conveys. Wonderful work by this talented singer/songwriter that is sure to connect with listeners all around.

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Artist: The Chainsmokers

Song: Paris

Why? Another must listen hit by this talented duo that has created a brand of electronic/pop music that finds a way to always connect with the listeners across the globe. Love them or hate them, the guys have a sound that is immediately recognize as The Chainsmokers by everyone and anyone. “Paris” feels like a mix of emotional lyrics with a party like vibe and that makes it enjoyable.

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Artist: Kid Cupid

Song: Broken Down

Why? Beautiful guitar hiding itself in plain sight among soft drum beats and mesmerizing electronic beats that all together become home for vocals that are haunting and truly mesmerizing. Laura’s voice is a creation of the divine and a source magic, emotions and music that is able to transport us to a world of Kid Cup and their melodies.

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Artist: Finn Kleffmann

Song: Every Teardrop

Why? Folk/Pop marvel from Germany that invites you into the world within it’s verses with a soft touch as it opens up to our hearts and souls. With a unique and refreshing storytelling style Finn creates a magical world where notes and lyrics unite and make up a gem of music that is a must heard beauty. Honest and bittersweet and so human and real for it gives us something that we can relate and connect to.

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Artist: Roules

Song: Bad Blood

Why? Electropop from New York that is enticing and mesmerizing as it gives us an opening to lyrics that speak the truth. “Bad Blood” has something special about it, something unique, that unknown factor that makes a song stand out from the rest and Roules is surely on a path to some bigger stages. Remember this name and let the tunes drive you today as your day unfolds.

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