Playlist: Souncloud Discoveries Part XIX

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  • Satin Jackets ft Niya Wells (Cassara Remix): Mesmerizing and simply hypnotizing remix that blends electronic genres creating pure beauty and splendor.
  • Plastik Funk ft Katt Rose: Electronic mastery unites with vocal perfection creating a track that simply takes control of your body and spirit as you dance to it.
  • Be Charlotte: Playful indie pop track that plays with capacity of the voice to bounce around style creating something unique.
  • Lukeminx ft Mike Dupree: Indie pop marvel that flows beautifully through the mesmerizing beats and sounds.
  • The Solarists: Energetic, mature and unique blend of sounds that connect with ease with the experiences and emotions of those who listen.
  • High Up: Old school rock tunes that are brought back to the modern era with an artistry and mastery that is refreshing to hear.
  • Mike Pace and the Child Actors: Alternative indie rock that blends haunting vocals, melodious guitars and playful drums that are sure to make you smile.
  • Raker: Indie duo that creates a sound so powerful that is mesmerizing to listen as you find out it’s two people creating magic.
  • Louis Schefano: Alternative indie rock that allows a certain soft and inviting vibe to encompass it as it connects with you.
  • Luna Bay: Can you say wow! – that’s this track, splendid unity of talents that make indie rock that invites and connects with your soul.