New Music Alert: “Slow Down” by Done Up

“Slow Down” by Done Up

Unique, inviting and playful indie pop that grabs certain touches and melodies from the magical genre of reggae. Done Up gives us something so relaxing and true with “Slow Down” and the verses that make it up. This track speaks to us and how hectic we let life and all that makes it up become. Sometimes we are just too caught up in our surroundings, the rules and what’s expected that we just don’t slow down and enjoy the ride. Let this feel good soundscape engulf you completely and give you that peaceful feeling you were looking for. Let your face go from grim to smile, let your body sway side to side to the rhythm of the tunes and allow yourself to rejoice in the fact that you are alive. Must listen track that is sure to brighten up your day, enjoy!

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