New Music Alert: “Fire in Me” by Fox and Charm

“Fire in Me” by Fox and Charm

Visually mesmerizing scenarios that showcase the beauty of the Mexican coasts and women (with the example of Andrea – the actress/model in the music video) and a soundscape so hauntingly enticing and beautiful to go with it. Fox & Charm blends the talents of two individuals whose goal is to make music that connects with emotions, feelings and life. Onur Turkiz Karakurt (Turkey) and Diego Aguirre Cruzaley (Mexico) make up this eclectic pair of artists that united have created something that could put their electropop in the map and radars of all. “Fire in me” is a showcase of soothing and electrifying tunes with talented camera work to create a story. A story that goes hand in hand with each verse and melody so perfectly, that the soundscape is able at hand’s reach.

Keep them in your radars and your playlists for something special is happening here with Onur and Diego. Plus stay put, a few surprises are on their way to wolf in a suit and the growing family of websites we are becoming (more soon).

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