Listen: “Comatose” by Amy Guess

“Comatose” by Amy Guess

Talented singer/songwriter Amy Guess comes back at us with another must listen indie pop gem in the form of “Comatose”. With this track she steps away from the glitz and glamour of the genre and provides us with a mature and honest soundscape that is easy to relate and connect with. This young Canadian artist reaches down her soul and comes out with verses and melodies that speak a truth that we have lived either in youth or maybe even right now as you hear it.

From Calgary for the world, she brings her talent and sensible old soul and delivers gems of music. She allows love to show it’s other face, that of an uncontrollable part of life that at times feels like it has a complete hold of us. We are left wondering if the love she sings of is good or …bad for her. Listen, enjoy and let the soundscape unfold so you come up with your own story within this track.

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