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Music Video Recommendation: “Take the flag” by TICTO Ft Mara

“Take the flag” by TICTO Ft Mara

Swedish producer meets talented singer from the Netherlands and they create another must listen gem that is sure to fill up your senses with magic, melodies and awe. Ticto has created another collaboration with Mara from Mara and the Pillows and Paper Veil, together they have implemented sounds from the 80’s and gave them new life with the assistance of modern tunes and Mara’s ethereal voice. “Take the Flag” has something truly special about it, it’s soundscape is able to connect with everyone and anyone no matter the age and together these talented artists have found a formula that simply makes mesmerizing tunes that should be heard, enjoyed and loved. So follow them, listen to them and make sure they are part of your radars.

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