Listen: “You were Human” by Swan Levitt

You Were Human is a science fiction love story inspired by classic Sci-fi movies and novels. The song depicts a relationship between Human and man-made Android AI. However, they can’t be together. Ironically it’s the human that has flaws and emotional limitations.

Swan Levitt

“You were Human” by Swan Levitt”

Beautifully cinematic and transcendent soundscape that engulfs you completely from the first note and it takes you away to a world, a future where a human and being of artificial intelligence feel something for each other. Swan Levitt creates a full picture with verses and melodies, and we are outside looking in and we connect with the story. For it’s not just science fiction, it’s reality – we deem ourselves higher for we are skin and bones and believe that makes us human, but truly very few of us truly encompass it’s meaning.  Our flaws and emotional limitations make us look for reasons to be right in the wrong places; we take religion and turn it into a rule, we take skin color a make a sign of power, we divide ourselves in classes and many more things we shouldn’t do matter more when in reality we are all the same, with different luck, situations and opportunities. We were human, where has that gone to? Have we lost our humanity to the latest fad, the perfect selfie, creating gaps and walls, shutting down the voices of others, and simply believing that money and all the things it can buy are what makes us who we are. We are lost and it’s time to be found, don’t let the we were human be our tragedy but make the we are human be our fulfillment and our goal. 

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