Indie Music Mixtape 2

Indie Music Mixtape 2

Artist: Tim Qualls

Song: Say you love me

Why? Amazing R&B melodies that infuse a modern day pop ode to love and the search of it. Tim Qualls has created a soundscape that is rich and blends to perfection a certain old school charm with a contemporary voice that has the ability to transcend  time and the rules of it. Once you listen to “Say You Love Me” you’ll be hooked by it and you’ll find yourself connecting with it in a deeper more human level. Enjoy!

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Song: Darkerside

Why? This talented band is honestly such a breath of fresh air with their youth, their talent and their unique sounds that have a way of hypnotizing the listeners. Canada gave us some massive talent last year for Wolf in a Suit, and this year looks like it’s going to be the same and that makes this wolf truly happy and rejoicing in the soundscapes and melodies they are sending my way. Listen, enjoy and let “Darkerside” unfold right in front of you as you listen.

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Artist: True Moon

Song: Sugar

Why? Punk Rock marvel from Sweden that is sure to spice up your day with their unique flavor of rebellious and musical fluidity that is always refreshing to find. With a sound that entraps your senses and pushes you to step out of the norm and what’s regular; True Moon could easily be one of the best discoveries of the year, but let’s allow the year to move along and listen to more of the magic they create to truly decide.

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Artist: Dylan Bernard

Song: Flames

Why? Stripped down beautiful and haunting track that allows a piano to guide the voice through verses and emotions and the soundscape showcase a deep and meaningful story that is bound to connect with the listener. The age old story of a broken heart, a love that’s meant to fall and how it affects the parts. Amazing vocal and melodic work by this talented young singer/songwriter. Enjoy this must listen indie pop gem.

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Artist: The Velveteins

Song: Don’t Yah Feel Better

Why? Indie rock at it’s finest, listen to the mix of folk and rock and that unique voice that is able to transcend the limitations of verses, genres and emotions in order to give you pure magic. The Velveteins are one of the best discoveries of 2016 and this year make sure to keep track of them as they are heading to SXWS and most likely many other memorable gigs are heading their way. Remember the name, tattoo it in your soul and enjoy some sweet music. 

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Artist: Little Brother Eli

Song: This Girl

Why? Powerful indie rock melodies with the right touches of blues and even hints of soul as they let their soundscape unfold. With “This Girl” they sing to that one person who seems to have a hold of you and your every move, passion and feeling. Little Brother Eli is sure to grab you and pull you into it’s melodies without a seconds notice. Enjoy this must listen marvel and make sure to follow this talented band.

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Artist: The Federal Empire

Song: The American Dream

Why? Melodically intoxicating and filled with an outlook of our modern day culture and our search for the material so call needs. The Federal Empire deliver honest and truly mesmerizing verses that sound and feel fun but hide a punch of reality that is certainly needed and should be heard. “The American Dream” creates a soundscape that connects with our surroundings and make us need more of their sounds.

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Artist: Royal Canoe

Song: Walk out on the water

Why? Beautiful and cinematic and a must listen gem of indie music. With a perfect use of camera work and a talented leading young man that transports us into his word, into his journey as the soundscape intermingles with the landscape shown to us. Royal Canoe have created a track that feels religious but has the right energy about and is able to encompass what any listener might need.

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