Music Video Recommendation: “So We Go” by Alex Di Leo

“So We Go” by Alex Di Leo

Alex Di Leo brings melodies and tunes that are truly something amazing for the senses, his pop sounds are playful, unique, inviting and simply so rich and full of that spark of life I love to hear in music. “So We Go” is a must listen gem that all who dare say they love music must have in their playlists. With the right moments of indie pop magic he blends some indie rock touches that give his music that edge above the rest. Plus the lyrics are heartfelt, full of life and with that touch of maturity that bridges gaps and allows for the listeners to connect and even grow with the track. Definitely one of my favorites and I strongly recommend it, once you listen to it you’ll be hooked my friends. Listen, enjoy, sip a little something and let the soundscape mesmerize as the visuals of the music video unfold in front of you.

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