Playlist: Souncloud Discoveries Part XVIII

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  • Cherry Isles: Hypnotizing indie rock created by a talented band that has a way of connecting with your soul with a certain special ease.
  • Skytone: Inviting, mesmerizing and playful indie rock/electronic remix that is refreshing and unique to listen.
  • The Fair Wells: Beautiful harmonies, a mature and heartfelt guitar and together they make soundscapes that represent the human nature.
  • Nova Miller: Fun, youthful and inviting indie pop tunes that simply put a smile on your face from the very first note.
  • Ligia Hodja: Deep, mature and thoughtful indie pop from Romania that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of the listeners.
  • TYNI: From the first note you hear you enter a realm of dance and unique sounds as you let go of the rules and all that holds you down.
  • Shae: Darkpop that does not shy away from the truth and through that honesty it connects with me, you and all.
  • Boy from School: Indie rock that keeps a nice pace for it’s soundscape to unfold and grab hold of you and fill you with music.
  • Jae Jin: Beautiful and soulful indie folk/pop track that shows feelings, experiences and the beauty of love and life.
  • Personal Public: Indie rock that blends a certain old school charm with a modern angst and experiences that make it both unique and relatable.