New Music Alert: “Ghosts at War” by Vama

“Ghosts at War” by Vama

With amazing verses, an enticing soundscape and a lead singer with a voice that speaks and sings to our souls they showcase the human experience beautifully and so on point. With the music video for “Ghosts at War” we get a vision of how a long term relationship can evolve and reach a point of growth or end. The couple battles with each other as they aim to break the other person after patience has run out but there’s a moment of sanity and peace and they breathe in. In this breathe you see what you have and who are with and in this case love grows and evolves with them, but the other road could lead to love to go sour and the battle continue until there’s nothing left.

Tudor’s voice has a way of  dancing around with ease through the sounds created by the band and together they have create music that we can connect with in an instant. Without wanting to be pretentious or snobbish they play with rock and pop sounds and aspire to connect with their listeners, and they do so amazingly. Vama is on the path to step out of the limelight of their country and continent and with music like this, the world better be ready for they are about to conquer it. 2017 is simply starting and with this right foot I would recommend to keep them on your radar and to watch for what they will bring to the scene with their talent and the melodies.

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