New Music Alert: “Fortress” by Albin Nex

Fortress has been with me for a while. It started out as just a text and a basic melody. I was playing around with my synth when I came across the sound that came to be the lead for the chorus. After that I felt as if I had I clear path on where a wanted to take the song and started putting it together. I’ve worked with the producer “Saul” on this track and he really made it come together and added his creative vibe to it, refined my ideas and took the song to where it is today!

“Fortress” by Albin Nex

Up and coming new talent from Sweden, Albin Nex arrives at Wolf in a Suit with a unique plethora of sounds that together make up his personal brand of indie pop. He creates the right soundscape in “Fortress” for his vocal and lyrical prowess to excel and flow beautifully with it. He breaks down your walls and simply waltzes into your mind and connects with a story hiding within it. A story of discovery, being discovered, connection when it can’t happen or simply a wish or a hope for something unknown. As a first single for more to come (an upcoming still-unnamed EP) this track sets the right mood and the excitement to beg and want more. So let’s just enjoy it as the soundscape unfolds for us and the future comes with more music from this young singer/songwriter.

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