Chetan (piano, keys, vox)

Melissa (vox, keys, bass)

Jon (drums)

Coming from San Diego, California and lead by both a female and a male singer they arrive with a silence bringing sounds so unique, so refreshing and simply so enticing and mesmerizing. Melissa’s and Chetan’s voices have a way of reaching deep down your heart and soul and connecting them with the world that surrounds you. The tracks are beautiful and invite the listeners to unite and to travel through it’s soundscapes with positive thoughts to make something special of this world we live in. As they blend pop, rock, folk and even electronic sounds creating their own unique alternative melodies they provide us with mature and heartfelt verses.

Rise is a uplifting short album (it’s 8 tracks, but so worth it) that I honestly recommend and it’s a first step that will lead to a growth in body, mind and music from Skyterra in the near future. Enjoy, listen and let’s see what the future holds for this talented band.


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