Listen: “Whatever” by The Drives

“Whatever” by The Drives

Grab some punk, some rock, some rebellious verses and a dash of pop with hints of synth-pop and you get “Whatever” by The Drives. This band from Los Angeles brings a mix of The 1975 with a undertones of Catfish and the Bottlemen and create a soundscape that is both refreshing and inviting. With lyrics that speak to the modern youth in an angst filled type of poetry that flows so beautifully with the melodies. I am a big fan of that unfiltered honesty that you hear throughout “Whatever” and personally cheer for more of this work of music. They were inspired by others but through inspiration found their voice and it truly is a voice worth listening to. This is only one track that is setting the path for a soon to be released EP. Stay put, keep tight, enjoy the music and wait a bit for more magic.

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