Music Video Recommendation: “System of a Gun” by Gutxi Bibang

“System of a Gun” by Gutxi Bibang

With a touch for the old school fashion and sound but with something so contemporary, so their’s comes the talented trio that took the name of their lead singer and guitarist and made it their flag as a band – here comes Gutxi Bibang. With Gutxi leading, comes Tabatha Beu on the bass and Londoner Gary Lee on the drums and they deliver for the pleasure of our senses “System of a Gun”. Listen and let the old school magical rock sounds flourish into today’s music scene as a talented young Spaniard from the Basque Country (a region in Northern Spain) connects with his roots, his present and his band members making something unique and so inviting. It’s impossible not to fall in awe with their talent, it’s impossible not to become a fan and thank them for such marvel. 2017 you’ve started with the right foot here at Wolf in a Suit.

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