Featured Music Video: “SloMo” by San Cisco

SloMo was the first song we wrote as a band after Gracetown. We wanted to create a song that made people want to move

Jordi Davieson - Singer

“SloMo” by San Cisco

You might not be fond of dancing but your body will surely react to the latest gem by San Cisco. With the music video for “SloMo” they will not only get you in the mood to let go of the rules and dance a little bit but they are actually showing you the fun dance moves that go along with the melodies. Jordi’s voice is the perfect guide to move along through the soundscape of this marvel of a track. Thank you guy for giving us mortals a unique and irresistible soundscape that simply feels just right for our senses to smile. As 2016 ends, we can only get truly excited for hopefully a new album from this talented Australian Band (that will surely include “SloMo” and “B Side”). But for now let’s enjoy that awesome music video a few more times.

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