Indie Music Mixtape

Artist: Koppel

Song: Found

Why? Simply Pop perfection, the way the vocals dance naturally through the 80’s inspired synth pop and the light yet perfectly placed modern touches make it a true modern day gem. Koppel have created something that was missing in the indie pop landscape, they have created the right 80’s inspired track that truly brings something refreshing for our senses.

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Artist: Morgxn

Song: Home

Why? One of the best tracks I’ve heard this week and it is perfectly stripped down leaving a piano and Morgxn’s beautiful vocals to create a marvelous soundscape. Simply listen to it and let it move for it’s impossible to not feel a certain connection, a certain story and above all a certain truth in his voice. “Home” is truly a statement of artistry, honesty and the power of music.

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Artist: Night Talks

Song: Jungle

Why? Keeping in touch with their old school charm and straying away from the colorful scenario of their last music video, comes Night Talks and their gem of a track: “Jungle”. With a perfectly used black and white backdrop and as always Soraya’s voice enchants me with such ease as the guys create a soundscape that goes along perfectly with her singing.

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Artist: Mark Diamond

Song: Weapons

Why? A wonderful R&B infused pop track that gives wave to emotions, remorse and a certain hint of magic. As this talented singer/songwriter delivers a plea to his loved one to have a conversation and not a fight. He begs her to put her weapons down and come forth and speak and listen as they search for what matters most together. Another wonderful track by Mark Diamond.

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Artist: Yelle

Song: Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)

Why? A refreshing blend of sounds that is exactly what I needed as it reminded me of the need to let go of rules and limitations every once in a while and simply enjoy the moment completely. Plus it bring an amazing union of electropop sounds that make for a truly riveting and inviting soundscape that is made perfect by Julie’s voice and the way it united with the sounds created by the band.

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Artist: Fanny Andersen

Song: KIDS

Why? Young and truly talented Norwegian singer/songwriter that blends beautiful pop tunes with mature and thoughtful lyrics in a mesmerizing fashion. Simply listen to her voice and how it flows through the verses of “Kids”, it truly is impossible to not connect with this amazing track. Fanny Andersen shows that when it comes to music, there’s always hope for masterful creations.

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Artist: Kinzie Jones

Song: Redemption

Why? Mature, thoughtful and truly honest verses sung by a soulful voice that is able to connect with the hearts and souls of all who are lucky enough to listen. Kinzie Jones brings us a song that reminds us of another great songstress (Adele) but it is so unequivocally hers and it truly has that special touch that could make it into a song for the ages. Listen and let it mesmerize you.

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Artist: Over the Trees

Song: From the Sidewalk

Why? Just listen to the haunting melody of this track and tell me you did not fall in love with it. This talented ensemble from Norway has created a track that is so beautifully indie folk/rock magic. With soft vocals, constant melodies and a certain indescribable aura about it- it will fill you up with a certain bittersweet feeling that is strangely soothing and full of a special sense of peace.

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Artist: Modern Diet

Song: Red Eye

Why? Soft paced melodic indie folk rock that goes perfectly with the animation that makes up the music video. It blends a certain 60’s-70’s charm with a modern story and arrangement of sounds that makes it simply charming and hypnotizing. The voice flows slowly through the verses and melodies ensuring a soundscape that is simply refreshing and marvelous. 

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Artist: Pluto’s not a planet

Song: Summerlong

Why? From Buenos Aires, Argentina comes a band with one of the most unique and refreshing sounds I’ve had the pleasure to hear. With a blend of funk, pop and rock and splashes of old school and modern day melodies they made a playful, inviting and truly mesmerizing track in the form of “Summerlong”. Truly a pleasant surprise to be had on the final days of 2016.

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