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Smoke Season

“Emilia” is a an amazing music video that showcases a story that is known but that is so rarely shown. Smoke Season decided to take one further and not only speak and sing about it but showcase it in a way that is educated, so right and so real. As a Hispanic myself, the track spoke to me, not because I’ve suffered the situation shown but because I know of the harsh reality of it. I applaud this talented duo for ensuring me that music is still a doorway to the hearts, souls and stories of those who listen.


So dream like you dreamed when kings and heartbeats kept moon’s pace.


Interview with Smoke Season

What inspired the lyrics for “Emilia”?

Originally, the song was written as advice to Gabrielle’s niece, Emilia.  It then evolved into a message for those who feel they need to change themselves to fit better in the world.  Our message to them is: Don’t. Just be what nature intended.

What’s your stance on the issue shown?

We are tired of hearing politicians and those “armchair Facebook political scientists” talk about immigration in hypotheticals.  Too often, you hear proposals or policies explained in impersonal ways that sound more like you’re talking about the construction of a new mall than the deportation of human beings with families and lives.  We wanted to put the human face back in the issue and force people to remember that these are people.

Have you or anyone you know experience what’s seen in the video?

Immigration has directly affected our lives as we’ve watched our closest friend struggle to get citizenship for over half a decade.

Describe Smoke Season in a short sentence?

Ethereal, electro-soul with a shot of American whiskey.

Personal mantra that keeps you going?

Who am I?

Best show experience so far?

We played a SoFar Sounds show a few weeks ago, which was stripped down and very intimate. We were able to stretch out the songs and improvise. Sometimes the best shows are the ones that are not your typical big show moments.

Must-do ritual before a gig?

Vocal warmups, stretching, perhaps some whiskey.

Plans for 2017?

We have a short film coming out in 2017 that was related to the Ouroboros EP and music video series.

The end of 2016 consisted of writing, writing and more writing. We are sitting on tons of new material that we will be playing at our shows starting in January. Besides releasing new music, we will be hitting SXSW and likely more touring in the spring.

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