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“Hmmm” by Rosalee

Just listen to that sultry, unique and emotion-filled voice and let it creep up your spine and spread across your body as it fills you with a sense of joy, acceptance, and love. “Hmmm” is a song for the ages, an anthem that invites for change and growth and a must listen modern masterpiece that unites the worlds of RnB, Pop, Funk, soul and a pint of rock in a soundscape that is just beautiful. Rosalee showcases her song in a music video that is simply memorable, unique and truly inviting for anyone and everyone. I love the diversity of scenes, experiences, sounds, and attires she wears in the music video. She is truly preaching a message that is being forgotten nowadays. Preach on you talented beauty, spread your verses across the landscape of the world and give beautiful music that means something.

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