Review: Fiction Act EP by Everywhere

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Review: Fiction Act EP by Everywhere


Max Berga (Vocals)
Joe Sanders (Bass)
Hugo Hadji (Guitar)
Boris Massot (Drums)
Joe Bates (Keys)

With a tall Swedish lead singer with crazy hair who knows how to dance around the pop tunes his band members create and a passion for music that is undeniable and amazing to hear, here are Everywhere. One of the best discoveries of 2016 (they’ve been around a bit longer, but I heard them this year) and a band that is sure to conquer the world in the upcoming years. Max and company have not only become part of my music radar but with all honesty I can say, I am a FAN. They end 2016 with a 4 track EP titled ‘Fiction Act’ that is short but sweet and gives you all you need to beg for more in 2017 – Plus it includes their latest hits: “Some Other dude” and “Heroine”. Also part of this must have EP are “Shades at Night” and “Let it Go”.

Garnering praise and love from many respected music blogs (Indie Shuffle calls it “Pure Gold”/ Clash Music claims they are “Pop in the grandest loosest sense of the word”), Everywhere are making sure they are heard by all. With their latest EP, they show a growth and maturity as it is their sophomore album but something remains and that is the love and passion for their craft.

Fiction Act EP

Fiction Act is a 4 track EP that includes: “Shades at Night”, “Heroine”, “Some other Dude” and “Let it Go”. Each track has the beautiful capacity to be able to stand on it’s own, a feat that’s rarely heard. With a blend of alternative rock and youthful pop, the band dives into topics that anyone can relate. With maturity and a sense of playfulness and joy that are sometimes hard to mix together, they serve us worthy tracks for even the toughest palettes. This EP does the job perfectly as it ensures an advancement in the careers of this talented ensemble and leaves us wanting more. Knowing the band they probably have some cool and amazing things for us next year. So be prepare, be ready for Everywhere are literally going everywhere spreading their unique flavor of pop music.

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere

Helen Gurley Brown


*“Let it Go” is not available to the public (You’ll have to get the EP to listen to that gem)


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