Indie Folk Mixtape 3

Indie Folk Mixtape 3

Indie Folk Mixtape 3 is a collection of folk or folk infused songs that through the sounds of this genre are able to touch something in me and hopefully in you (the next listener, the next holder of this pure melodies). Enjoy this indie folk melodies and be open to being transported to new soundscapes and to be guided by voices that will surely touch your soul.

Artist: Om Shankar

Song: Flower Line

Why? Talented singer/songwriter based in Houston, Texas who dwells in the realms of folk and pop uniting them in his melodies. With this union he makes feelings, emotions and a certain something unique and special to flow with ease with the verses and the tunes of his music. Om Shankar truly understands and listens to the hearts and souls of the romantics of the world as he creates a soundscape perfect for them.

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Artist: Tupini & the mystery

Song: Struggling to survive

Why? Beautiful harmonies between a male and female voice that find in them to not only flow with the music together but to empower each other and the message behind the verses of this haunting track. From Costa Rica come this old school indie folk band that showcase a wonderful story within the soundscape they are putting forward in front of us. It’s hard to not get invested with how it all unfolds between the melodies.

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Artist: Michigan Rattlers

Song: Last Week

Why? With guitars and inspired vocals, this duo brings something special that mixes the old spirit of folk music with modern day verses that make it stand out and connect with the music listeners of today. Michigan Rattlers are a breath of fresh air in the music scene of today, they invite and transport us into the soundscape of their creation as it unfolds slowly and surely in front of us.

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Artist: Streetlight Cadence

Song: Thinking of you

Why? This LA based indie pop/folk band from Hawaii has a way with melodies and tunes that come so easily to them. They blend the worlds of pop and folk in a way that is so enticing and mesmerizing. I specially love the violin and it’s sound that remind me of the Irish landscape one moment and then transports me to the street of LA the next moment. Simply bravo guys, bravo – you’ve created a musical gem.

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Artist: Runabay

Song: You I know

Why? With a union of instruments and vocals that create a soundscape that is so human, so real and easy to connect for it speaks of an angst that is part of me, you and all of us. The melodies are so hypnotizing and attractive as they transcend the music video and the music itself becoming something more powerful and in the end part of our human nature. Runabay speak to us from their hearts and souls and we stay quiet and simply listen.

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Artist: Ross Graham

Song: Oxygenate

Why? With guitar in hand, mature human lyrics in the other hand and a voice that can easily showcase any emotion comes Ross Graham and a masterpiece of his creation, “Oxygenate”. I love how softly and beautifully the piano joins adds on to the melodies and give the soundscape  a little something extra that pushes it beyond the limitations of one man and turns this track into a drug that satiates all our hungers

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Artist: Tega

Song: Plastic

Why? Amazing cover by a talented musician of an wonderfully mesmerizing track, “Plastic” by Moses Sumney. Listen to how Tega and his friend George keep the vibe and spirit of the original but give it a certain injection of energy that even though it’s Moses’, it becomes Tega’s as well. They kept it simply but so right, by just letting the voice do the main work and the guitar give support and be the backbone for the track to flow on.

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