Music Video Recommendation: “Adderall” by Max Frost

I wanted to portray a character who shows both the light side and the dark side of a useful drug like Adderall. The come up and the crash.

Max about the music video for 'Adderall'

“Adderall” by Max Frost

Talented multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas Max Frost brings us an ice cream filled fun music video for his track “Adderall”. Even though the melody is fun and inviting, the track explores a harsher reality with the use of Adderall as a symbol. It’s smart and well used symbolism since this drug is actually useful and can truly help but it has vicious side effects and if taken in excess can lead to something not as pretty and nice as ice cream. Max uses his pop, rock and hip-hop influences to make the soundscape for this track so alluring and amusing. If this is how he ends 2016, I can’t wait to hear and see how he starts 2017.

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