Listen: “Kickin’ and Screamin'” by JAX

“Kickin’ and Screamin'” by JAX

Listen to her provocative and enticing singing as Jax turns a song into something more than that. “Kickin’ and Screamin'” is so fun, playful and beautifully alluring as it mixes danceable sounds and her voice into a soundscape that is so refreshing and unique. As soon as this track starts you can’t help but allow your body to move on it’s own. With these tunes every floor becomes a dance floor within a second and she owns every move you make. Jax continues to show us how diverse and talented she is as she brings us something different with every track she lets the world listen to. With “Stars” she gave us more of her heart and soul and with this track she gives us more of her beats and joy. I applaud her for not only not letting Thyroid cancer win the battle but by using that strength and giving us music that is worth listening to. She truly is an artist to follow and to keep in our radars. Enjoy the ride, for she is just starting.

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